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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent precautionary measure in the form of Lock-down has impacted the majority of the industries barring the Pharmaceutical / Health Care  and Medical Equipment industry. The future would extremely be tough, challenging and only the fittest will be able to survive. Only the one who is knowledgeable, productive, has a positive approach, ready to face the challenges and adapt to the changes can survive.

As an organization and as an individual we need to inculcate a few changes in our own self to survive in this extremely challenging scenario.

Tips for Real Estate People to utilise the time during Lock Down Phase :-

For Individuals and Team Leaders:

  • Upgrade your soft skills by enrolling yourself on Free Online Courses, Attend webinars on topics like sales / customer service / positive approach/motivational etc.
  • Enhance your existing Product knowledge/ Area knowledge (for which area you work). For eg knowing details about master plan, competitors projects in vicinity by visiting their website/ walk through etc
  • Connect with your Customers / old associates / referrers and frequent investors and interact more over phone / Facebook / Whatsapp. Discuss with them in details about their old investments /associations with you and share your views with them on current market
  • Chalk out a list of people who you need to work aggressively with, once this lock down is open.
  • For Team Heads, this is the best time to figure out the gaps in team handling and chalk out a defined process to streamline things in such a way that productivity is increased.
  • This time can be utilized to interact with individuals in the team and share their strengths /weaknesses.
  • Visit the websites of good real estate companies abroad, and understand their best practices and try to implement those best practices here.

For Organizations and Owners:

  • Figure out the gaps in system and define a process to fill them
  • Plan a road map ahead, based on your team strengths and weaknesses, which products /Builders to work with in future.
  • Increase the use of technology and also optimum utilization of resources to bring down the high cost.
  • More Training’s / team building exercises to strengthen the team work, to enhance skills sets.. to make team more smarter.
  • Create a provision for contingency funds in the organization so that even unforeseen events like Corona should not give financial stress to employer and employee both.

To conclude, the future definitely looks tough for everyone but a positive attitude and approach would definitely sail you through .This lockdown should be looked down upon as a phase to review your shortcomings.

If you run your own business, it’s a great opportunity to review your business plans. Research, learn and revise strategy to maintain business continuity in the upcoming economic environment.

If you are an individual you should definitely upgrade your skills and realign your working to have an extra edge.

Every Success Story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.

-Richard Branson


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