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There has been a lot of fear and adverse impact of Corona Virus on each one of us. I think we all deserved much needed break from our super busy routines to understand, analyse and re-align our own lives.

Everyone was selfish and  greedy and running their own race for name, fame, money, ego , with a mind-set that nothing in the world can stop them (Human) . It is a reminder,an eye opener with a clear message to us (human) that Nature is the most powerful of all. Despite the fact, that science has taken us to Mars or probably most of body organs or parts can be replaced with the help of advance medical sciences but a small virus has shown us that we human and science and technology is nothing . We are just helpless in front of God or Nature.

There will undoubtedly be many serious adverse effects from the Corona Virus pandemic and these aren’t to be downplayed. However,from my perspective, there are a few positive outcomes or key takeaways from this Corona outbreak on our life and Mother Earth.

  1. The air is fresh; the sky is blue as the environment is free from pollution. We can feel the air we inhale, is fresh and pure. The Air Quality Index has shown significant improvement during this Lock-down period with no vehicular movement and a complete halt on factories/industries/power plants/ construction activities etc .This itself validates the fact that air-pollution, depletion of ozone layer and global warming is a result of human’s interference with nature.
  2. There has been a 10% – 20% decline in footfall in OPD in hospitals. There has been a drop in, In Patient Occupancy barring the patients admitted, infected with Virus patients. It is said to be only 20%-30% of what they used to be.
  3. The statistics of the cremation ground data also showing a drop in the cremation numbers by 20% to 30%. Surprisingly these days, you must have heard less cases of heart attack/fail, bypass surgeries, collapsing or lung infection these days. This is substantially due to the lifestyle changes we are adapting to during this lock-down phase. We are inhaling fresh air/ we are no more commuting for work in a polluted environment created by vehicular movement and factories or industries/ we have more clean water/ we are eating fresh home cooked food / No junk food / we are not going out for late night parties / our body is getting much needed rest with some good quality hours of sleep / Our stress levels have gone low.All this contributing to living and having a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Accident Rate in India which was approx. 1275 accident per day leading to approx 400-500 deaths in a single day has come down to almost zero now.This is clearly due to no vehicular movement on the roads due to the lock down.
  5. We are able to give more time and attention to our family which was getting neglected due to our complete focus on work and business. We are now getting ample time to pursue our long buried interest and hobbies. We are now able to understand the value of our family members now that we are able to spend more time and see there respective contribution in the day to day activities. To sum it up, they are playing a big role in bringing the stress levels down.
  6. With stocks of food now being limited and assuming that supply chains may not return to normalcy soon, we are encouraged not to waste food / we are taking things which are needed so overall wastage has come down / we are more careful of using electricity and water uses. It also means being satisfied, grateful for what is available with us, not to greed or to stock excess .A lesson here is to learn how to survive with limited supplies and appreciate the resources around us given by nature
  7. Slowly and steadily we are realizing a luxurious lifestyle with luxury house, luxury car , furniture , Luxury brand clothing ,shoes, watches will not make any sense and will be of no use . End of the day, a home with a loving family and with all the basic needs and necessities being fulfilled is all that would matter. It will definitely change the outlook of lot of people (at least for me it has changed)
  8. We now understand the value of health, well being and good immune system. Now we will are more likely to invest on own health and of our family members. There is more focus on exercise, work outs, yoga, meditation and healthy eating habits.After all, Health is Wealth.
  9. The water pollution has gone down improving the water quality in rivers as the water looks transparent .This is evident from pictures coming in from Italy/ US/India. As per few news clips, the canals in Venice are clean and clear and these days dolphins have been sighted. The air quality index having drastically improved that the Dhauladhar mountainrange of Himachal cab seen after 30 years from Jalandhar (Punjab).
  10. We as a world now understand the value of life, as almost the entire world is in a Lock-down to save the human race. The economy for now can take a back seat. Economy can be recovered but you cannot recover the lost life.
  11. We are now realizing the value of security guards/ sweepers / grocery stores / farmers / doctors / nursing staff / police staff / pharmacy stores who selflessly are working to service us in the best possible way.

To conclude, lock-down in the wake of pandemic Corona Virus is healing the entire ecosystem. It is also helping us adapt to a healthy lifestyle and is changing our perspective towards life. However, hope the many of the positive effects will endure into the future.


Pawan Jasuja


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